10 Celebs! Once Told They Weren’t Good Enough For Hollywood!


There’s Nothing More Degrading & Discouraging Than Entering A World Where One Is Boxed Into A Very Constrained Stereotype. In The Case Of Hollywood, Women Are Expected To Be Tall, Slender, With Luscious Hair, A Killer White Smile, & A Beautiful Face. Beyond The Physicality, They Have To Be Teeming With Talent As Well, Whether It’s Acting, Singing, Dancing Or Modeling.

And When They Don’t Meet These Expectations, Hollywood Doesn’t Hesitate In Kicking Them To The Curb!


Vclives 01 Lea Michele


Lea Michele

It’s fitting that her character in Glee looked up to Barbra Streisand, having covered many of the great songstress’ songs on the show!