10 Shocking! Facts About Emma Watson No Harry Potter Fan Knows!


Emma Watson Is A Known Name, In Every Household As She Played A Prominent Role Of Hermione Granger In Harry Potter Film Series, In All The Eight Harry Potter Films From 2001 To 2011. Over The Years Emma Watson Has Become A Fine Actress & Has Fan Following From All Over The World. Surprisingly Emma Watson Had Never Acted Professionally Before Acting In Harry Potter Films. This Year Emma Watson Turned 26 & I Am Bringing To You Some Amazing Facts About The Star Who At An Young Age Of 10 Had A Crush On Darco Malfoy!

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Emma Watson Was A Bright Student!

Emma Watson is said t be a bright student, she graduated from Brown University in 2009, where she studied Literature. She was always focused on studies as her parents told her the value of education. She scored ā€˜Aā€™sā€™ in her graduation!