12 Flat-Chested Celebs! Proving You Don’t Need Big Boobs to Be Beautiful!


With So Many Celebrities Going Under The Knife These Days In Order To Achieve A Larger, Perkier Bust Line, It’s Almost Hard To Imagine That There Are Women In Hollywood Who Don’t Have Fake Boobs — & Don’t Seem To Mind One Bit!

And I’m Not Talking About The Ladies Whose Gene Pools Make Them Naturally Blessed With Ample, Silicone – Free Bosoms!

Nope — There Are Plenty Of Lovely A – Listers Who Are Perfectly Content With Their A – Cup Or Barely B – Cup Breasts, & They Are Just As Gorgeous As Their Larger Busted Peers!



Katie Holmes

Don’t worry if you’re flat-chested girl, maybe one of these days, someone like Tom Cruise will propose to you on the Eiffel Tower too!


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