14 Hollywood’s Biggest Balloons! That Are Not For Children!


We all liked balloons as children, and as we grew older, our obsession continued. But this time, we are talking about balloons with a more adult theme. Send the kids away before reading this.

Fat might not be the hero of today, but when it is positioned in the right part of a woman’s body, it creates miracles worth sharing with the world. The perpetual battle between boobs lovers and booty lovers might never give a clear winner. As it often happens, having a plenitude of both of them is the wanted compromise.

14 Of Hollywood’s Biggest Balloons will certainly not bring bad luck to you. If the list will open an appetite, the Internet is teeming with more revealing pics of these celebrities. Whether we are talking about leaked photos, professional photo shoots, or anything in between, big boobs always look good on the screen. They look even better in real life!




Scarlett Johansson


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