15 Iconic Hollywood Celebs! Who Inked Themselves With Awesome Indian Tattoos!


Many Indians Will Probably Agree That In Recent Times, In The Matter Of A Few Years, The Image Of India In The Whole World Has Seen A Drastic Paradigm Shift!  While In The Earlier Days, India Did Not Even Feature Much In Pop Culture, Today, Not Only It Does, But It Stands For A Whole Lot More Than Just Spirituality. I Mean, The Spiritual Aspect Of The Indian Image Is Still There (And That Is Our Trademark As Well, Isn’t It?), But It Also Encompasses A Swag Quotient Of Its Own. In Fact, It Has Reached Such A Stage Now That Iconic Hollywood Celebrities Are Opting To Ink Themselves With Tattoos That Have A Lot To Do With India – Well, At Least At Their Roots. Check it out!




Tommy Lee 

It’s ‘Om’ once again!
Looks like ‘Om’ truly is the most popular Indian tattoo amongst Hollywood celebs!