16 Celebrities! Who Belong In The Drunk Hall Of Fame!


Many People Out There Have Had Their Fair Share Of Drinking Nights That Are Full Of Activities, & More Importantly Photos, They Wish They Could Wipe From Their Memory!

This Decomes Even Worse If You’re A Celebrity & Anytime You Head Out To The Club To Get Your Drink On, You Know The Paparazzi Are Going To Be Quick To Follow. Not To Mention That Money Is Probably Not A Factor For You, & Even If it Was, You’re Probably Getting Paid To Be There Or Drinking For Free!

Below We Have 16 Celebrities That Belong In The Drunk Hall Of Fame!



Paris Hilton

Congratulations, Paris Hilton. There are so many photos on the internet of celebrities being drunk & partying and you are the only one who had the distinction of having 4 of your photos get blasted here. Also congratulations to you, as you’ve now seen the drunkest celebrity photos the internet has to offer. Let’s hope you’ve taken some tips for when you go out & get your own drink on.