16 The Most Memorable Celebrity! Wardrobe Malfunctions!


It’s no secret that men have it easy when it comes to deciding what to wear & how to dress. However, when it comes to women, their outfit choices have to be more creative & inventive in order to stand out. This is even more true for celebrities that want to remain or become mainstream in the media. Their outfit choices tend to be more revealing & leave little to the imagination. The downside, there is a possibility that having so little material holding their outfit together can cause a major wardrobe malfunction. The list below highlights some of the most famous celebrity wardrobe malfunctions that will possibly shock you. Take a look & see what you think of these revealing moments!




Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr’s dress had one too many slips and nearly fell off and bared her assets to everyone in attendance at the Magnum Pink and Black event in Cannes.


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