People Who Shouldn’t Be Alive! What On Earth Is He Doing To The AC!


The Thing About Common Sense Is That It Isn’t As “Common” As You’d Think. Take A Day Out On The Road As An Example. Some People Still Refuse To Buckle Up, Sign Before Switching Lanes Or Look Before Turning. The Scary Thing Is That These People Actually Have Licenses To Drive. There Are Accidents That Happen That Are Completely Out Of Your Hands But There Are Many That Are Preventable!

Beyond Just The Road, We Should Practice & Promote Common Sense As Much As Possible. When Was The Last Time You’ve Seen Someone & Thought, “What The Hell Are They Doing!” In A Few Of These Cases, It’s Possible That We Just Don’t Know The Full Story But In Others, Stupidity Is The Only Explanation!

From A Woman Staring Down The Barrel Of A Gun To A Man Sitting On Fire, We’ve Compiled A List Of 27 WTF Moments That Will Have You Scratching Your Head!




If you want to remove a branch, it’s probably best if you don’t sit on it. He’s going to go down with it!