The 10 Most Voluptuous Female Celebrities in Their 30s


After the age of $ex & the City some would say that 30s are the new 20s, because at this point in the economic world, that seems to be the time that a woman reaches the peak both in her professional & personal life. In Hollywood, sometimes age can be a hindrance to getting quality roles, but for many actresses, the romantic comedies of their 20s have been replaced with indie films & other projects they’re passionate about!

As actresses enter into the third decade of their lives, it seems that they start to pick up major accolades & awards & start to find respect in a fickle industry!



Christina Hendricks

The most notable character played by Christina Hendricks is Joan Holliday in the AMC series Mad Men. Both men & women refer to Hendricks as the $exiest woman in the world & that is probably due to her Marilyn Monroe-like voluptuous curves!