Top 10 Actress! With the Most Expensive Breast Implants!


Iggy Azalea Might As Well Change Her Rap Name To MC Busty, & She’s Not Afraid To Admit. Well Done, Girl!

Of Course She’s Not The Only One Who Has Gone Under The Knife. Since Many Hollywood A – Listers Are Not Naturally Blessed With A Large Endowment, Many Have Secretly Gone Under The Knife To Get A Curvier Figure.

And Here Goes The Top 10 Actress With The Most Expensive Breast Implants.




Salma Hayek: approx $10,000 

Salma Hayek shocked the world with her new set of breasts, much larger, firmer, and rounder. Although she never actually admitted to having them done, she cannot fool the cameras. It seems that being blessed with feminine curves and natural beauty was not enough, and she went from a C-cup to a porn-like double D. Regardless of her decisions in life, she looks awesome, and In Touch magazine placed her at No. 3 with the best breasts in Hollywood.