Top 15 Most Popular Hollywood Actresses in 2016!


Hollywood is the home of some of the most attractive, beautiful and richest women in the world. As a movie hub of the world, Hollywood is producing highly talented actresses every year.

Some gorgeous women on this list are making the history hotter. Actresses enter the minds of people with their beautiful physical appearance.

Some of them become very popular because of their bold attitude. Some attract people with their beauty, while some others become the cynosure of all just because of their $exy appeal.

Beyond beauty & $exy appeal, some achieve popularity with their unique acting skills. Here are the Top 15 Most Popular Hollywood Actresses in 2016!




Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence also handled lead roles in many superhero films, independent dramas, romantic comedies, etc. She also got some prestigious awards and various nominations. This 26-year-old beautiful actress hails from Kentucky, US.


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